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Kamloops Sushi Bar Enjoy a social atmosphere at the Sushi Bar while watching the art of sushi being rolled in front of you in Oriental Gardens Restaurant.


Private Room Oriental Gardens' tatami rooms, we have rooms that seat 4 to rooms that seat up to 18 people.




Oriental Gardens Restaurant Ltd. has been serving Kamloops, BC for over 30 years. To serve you better, Oriental Gardens Restaurant now has their menu at your finger tips and with a click of a mouse. Oriental Gardens Restaurant is located on 545 Victoria St, which is right across from Hotel 540 and Lake City Casino.


Sushi Bar

Enjoy the fun & friendly environment at Oriental Garden Restaurant's Sushi Bar, while you observe your dinner being prepared right in front of you.


Tatami Rooms*

Oriental Gardens have Tatami Rooms which are ideal for parties or special occasions. Tatami Room is a Japanese style room where the table is a foot off the floor. Traditionally the Japanese would kneel in a tatami room, however ours is created so you are able to put your legs under the table as though you are sitting on a chair. The tatami rooms are able to seat up to 18 people. On weekends, holidays, and special occasions we suggest to call us to make reservations.

*Tatami Room has a surcharge of $0.70 per person.

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